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If you’re going to make money online, the right legal forms are a necessity. They protect You, and Your website visitors.

Loads of people just go into business with their fingers crossed, hoping that it’ll all work out. It’s always a nasty shock when the law catches up with them. Just ask Richard Branson about his first venture with ‘Student’ magazine. Don’t live in fear of nasty surprises! Here at LawForYourWebsite.com we’ve been working with some of Australia's biggest names in internet marketing, so we can look after your needs quickly too.

Here’s What We Do

Build a Legal Document

Instant Legal Forms Written By A Real Lawyer. Grab your Pack of Legal Website Forms Now and Save Yourself The Hassles Of A Potential (And Way More Expensive) Trip To A Law Firm…

Free Legal Resources

Get Smart(er), And Make Informed Choices With Access To Your Own FREE Library of Legal Resources…

Get Help From a Lawyer

Get Legal Advice & Services For A fraction Of The Cost You’d Pay A Legal Firm In The City…

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So there are no misunderstandings.

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All documents written by Australian lawyers

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Affordable legal solutions for your business

Client Testimonials

Julie Mason

Jeanette provides an invaluable resource for anyone who has an online presence through her Law For Your Website service. If you have questions on Intellectual Property or trademarks or what you should/must have on your website to protect your online business then you need to talk to Jeanette. I value her expertise and her integrity and am delighted to recommend Jeanette.

Dennis Keay

At last…a lawyer who speaks in plain simple English, and explains things in ‘pictures’ that just make sense! Jeanette was able to translate ‘legalese’ into plain simple English in a manner that made the concepts we were discussing easy to understand. She also provided some advice that may well have saved me thousands of dollars in the long-run, by making me aware of some ‘traps for new players’ that I may otherwise have fallen into. I’d recommend Jeanette to anyone who is serious about their business

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