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Jeanette Jifkins
Queensland Law Society 
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Born and raised in South East Queensland, Jeanette Jifkins was a persistent high achiever both academically and in competitive sports, competing or qualifying to compete at a National level in competitive swimming in Australia, Japan and England.  After taking the opportunity to spend a year in Japan as an exchange student at the tender age of 15 and then taking two years to work in the UK after completing her schooling, Jeanette returned to Australia to complete her legal studies.
With an idealistic expectation of upholding the honour of the profession, Jeanette completed a Bachelor of Laws followed by concurrent studies in a Master of Laws and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, all at the Queensland University of Technology. Somewhere in between her studies Jeanette managed to get married, have her first child and go through a divorce.
Having some solid life experience and after more than 12 years of practice, Jeanette turned her energy and persistence toward finding solutions for the limited access to affordable legal services available to small business. Drawing upon her experience working in small, medium and large firms dealing with commercial transactions with values ranging from $100 to $74,000,000 and working with people in a large variety of matters spanning commercial transactions to traffic infringements, including both court work and advice work, Jeanette has created or supervised the creation of the resources available on this website. 
Most recently Jeanette has been working in-house (corporate lawyer employed in a business instead of a law firm) in a not for profit organization with huge resources on the internet, as well as developing an interest in online businesses and internet marketing. Working closely with Management and the Board of an organisation with such a large online presence has enabled her to really get a sense of balance between what is practical and commercial, and what, given a strictly legal approach, is either not feasible or necessary to the continued profitability of the business. You could say she has gained a real understanding of strategic planning and risk management from a top down perspective.
When asked why she is so passionate about being part of a not always popular profession, Jeanette says
I really enjoy the intricacy of law.The law is extensive and, being language based, is open to interpretation. Very seldom is there a clear right or wrong answer. Sometimes lawyers need to spend a lot of time researching to find the most likely answer for you, without any guarantee that a judge would agree. That tends to cost a lot of money.
In putting together the information on this website, I’ve done my best to create the most current and relevant information for you in a way that is cost effective. This is so you have an idea of what you are dealing with, and can chose what you are going to spend on independent legal advice from an informed perspective. 
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