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Anonymous – privacy protected?

So you use an anonymous handle or fake name and post comments all over the Internet safe in the expectation that no one will find out that it was you. Beware! Your comments might come back to haunt you, just like they are haunting Darryl Moore, political candidate for Perth in Western Australia for the …

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Google Likes Privacy – Updates – Google takes your privacy seriously, and can suspend the Adwords campaigns of those websites that don’t!

Guided Tour – Add Privacy and Terms of Use to Your Website

Video File – Upload a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to your website now.

Nowhere to Hide Online

Nowhere to hide online – If you are anywhere online, if you login and create a profile anywhere, you can be found! It’s never been so easy to find YOU.

Google’s PIA no longer MIA The bigger they are… Privacy is no joke, do what you need to do now, so that your privacy processes are right.

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