Are You Meeting Customer Expectations?


We've recently been looking at terms and conditions for your website and the way that you can use your terms and conditions to talk to your customers and tell them what they can expect from you and vice versa.

There are lots of ways to communicate with your customers, and no matter how good you are, chances are that somewhere along the line there will be something you and your customers understand differently.

Partly because communication is not as simple as we might like it to be, and partly because customers are supposed to be at a disadvantage in the bargaining stakes when it comes to dealing with business, lots of countries have consumer protection laws.

You might have heard of the FTC – the US Federal Trade Commission? They're the ones who administer federal consumer protection laws in the US. There are similar bodies in Canada, the UK and Australia and there are also many state or territory based government bodies that do the same sort of thing in those countries.

You might recall that I said a couple of weeks ago that customers are entitled to a have a few fundamental expectations met, namely that:

  • the goods or services are of a marketable quality
  • the goods or services match the description
  • the goods or services are fit for the purpose for which they are purchased
  • the goods or services are delivered within a reasonable time

So we're going to look at those expectations in a little more detail over the coming weeks and give you some tips that you can use to make sure you are looking after your customers in a way that will hopefully mean that you don't receive any surprise visits from the people from the FTC, or its equivalent.

So broadly, we are looking at what and how you sell to your customers. Think about your business and all of the points in your business where customers and products or services combine, whether for money for for free. Its those interactions that we want to concentrate on, and there are probably more than you realised!

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