Different Strokes For Different Folks

Yes, we're still talking about terms and conditions on your website. Have you got the hint that terms and conditions are something you should consider?

Different terms and conditions will apply to different types of websites. That is why, when you look at comprehensive multi-facetted websites, their terms and conditions are pages and pages long.

If you want to have some idea of what is important for you, have a look at the terms and conditions on the websites of your competitors. Some won't have any at all. that is their problem. Others might include things you never even thought of! Having a look around is the quickest way for you to identify the questions you need to ask your lawyer.

You might not realise this, but legal forms are all based on precedent. New terms appear from time to time, and usually in response to a problem that someone encountered that no one else had encountered before.  

Some common terms to look at in different websites are:

On any type of site – do the terms state which country's laws apply? As an example – the laws of Ireland apply to the use of Google in Australia. How about that?

  • For blogs – responsibility for links and comments
  • Forums –  participant behaviour
  • Brochures –  product descriptions
  • Membership –  removing people
  • Education –  copyright and use 

What have you found that might need to be included in your terms and conditions? What steps do you need to take now?

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