Promoting Affiliate Products – A Case Study

Lets use the 7 legal Essentials Special Report as an example. I wrote it, so I know what is in it. You might not have read it, but still feel comfortable promoting it to your customers because it saves you having to answer legal questions.  

Now I can tell you that the 7 Legal Essentials special report does not help you find out if someone is copying your website. There are apparently tools for that, and one that I know about is copyscape,com. That helps you to find out if others are copying the written text from your website. The 7 Legal Essentials Special Report doesn't actually give any of that information or tell you how to find out that stuff thats a really technical issue not a legal issue.

So if you were to become an affiliate and sell the 7 Legal Essentials Special Report and promote to your customers or your list or your marketplace. You could say that they would find out:

  • what you need a disclaimer for
  • whether you need a copyright notice on website or not
  • what can copy and you can not
  • how to increase your market by 10 – 15%
  • why privacy policies aren't just 'nice to have'

You can find that information on the website, and as an affiliate I have allowed you to copy and use that information to promote the 7LE special report. If you wanted to put your own marketing spin on the product, you really would have to read it and accurately describe what is in it in your own words to make sure that the promises you are making are accurate.

Have a look over your advertising material and decide whether or not you think you are at risk of being sued for what you are saying.

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