Do You Need A Shovel or A Rake?

Tell me, if you wanted to dig a new garden bed, would you buy a shovel or a rake? If you went to your local hardware store or garden supply place and spoke to the salesperson there, would you believe them if they tried to sell you a rake to do the job? Probably not.

If your customer wants something for a specific purpose, then they don't expect to be sold something that won't fulfil that purpose. Sounds logical, doesn't it? But still, some businesses think that if they claim their products will do more things, they will get more sales.

More features does not mean more sales, but it might mean more risk…

Now, you might be able to use a rake to shift soil where the soil is already loose in a pile on your grass, but you would probably have difficulty digging the soil out of a hole with your rake.

So, why not tell your cusomters what your product is best for? This is one of the fundamental expectations that customers are entitled to rely upon, and should influence the way you advertise.

Don't promote a product as doing something that it really isn't suited to, unless you want to get complaints.

Paint manufacturers understand this very well. If you want to buy paint, you will find that it is probably labelled as best for indoor or all weather use, and describes the kind of surfaces that it will stick to best. Paint manufacturers do not want to be having to give away loads of free product because their customers have used their paint for the wrong thing, so their labelling is very clear.

Keep this in mind when describing your own products.

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