Copyright Protection – What is it?

So what is Copyright really?

If you look in the front of any hardcover book that you buy, you'll find a litte © symbol follow by the date and the name of the copyright owner inside the front cover. In actual fact copyright protection comes into being upon creation of a creative work, so there is no legal requirement to include the © symbol in your work.  Most people do.

Why use a © copyright symbol on your website?

One really good reason to do this is to alert everyone who has a look at what you have created that it is subject to copyright protection.

Firstly, ideas alone are not protected by copyright. You need something else; like and agreement about the confidentiality of the idea you are sharing. Copyright protects works that have been created.

You might have also noticed that the words "All rights reserved" appear somewhere near the © symbol. This is because copyright is not just one right, but a bundle of rights.

In one book, you can have the following different rights –

  • copyright in the content of the written words
  • copyright in the typesetting
  • copyright in the reading of the book out loud
  • copyright in the translation of the book
  • copyright in the adaptation of the work into a screenplay

So, if you have something great, don't be afraid to deal with one part of the copyrights in what you have created at a time. Trying to deal with everything at once is sometimes just to complicated! Keep it simple.

Next week, we'll have a look at who owns copyright…

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  1. Dr Robyn August 19, 2010 at 11:41 am #

    Thank you for this Interesting useful information on copyright which applies both to my website and also my book on improving the brain. Regards Dr Robyn

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