Tell Your Customers What to Expect

Right now we're looking at using terms and conditions on your website.

I briefly mentioned last week that you might like to use your terms and conditions to limit what people can do with your products or services.

A great example of this is copyright. I've been looking at buttons pages today and found some great examples. One website has a term on the main page that says if you use their button collections, you must provide a link back. Another website, giving images away for free, included the term

"Do NOT link directly to my site.  Save these files to your own hard drive. In order to protect my bandwidth, I will be periodically renaming all files therefore breaking any links you create by attempting to link directly to this site."

Books, audios, video and pictures fall within this category. You might be prepared to let people use your information, images, audio or video in educational presentations, but not for their own commercial enterprise. Have a look at the rules around using clipart or stock photos for an example of what we're talking about.

How would visitors to your site ever know what you are happy for them to do, or not do, with your products if you didn't tell them? Your terms and conditions can also be your opportunity to talk to your customers and to make it clear what you expect of them and what they can expect of you.

So, do your terms and conditions say everything you want to say to your customers? What steps do you need to take now?

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