ii Win!

You might remember that back in June 2010 I posted about iiNet being sued for copyright infringement on behalf of movie makers (Roadshow Films Pty Ltd & Ors v iiNet Ltd [2011] FCAFC 23) , mainly because it provided its customers with "unlimited" downloads and calmly ignored complaints from the film industry.

The Courts favoured iiNet on the basis of its lack of control over what iiNet customers did with their accounts did not amount to giving permission for copyright infringement. This has now been upheld on appeal.

Some guidance was given by the Court in that one Judge was of the opinion that an ISP would have to issue warnings to account holders and possibly suspend accounts if a copyright owner :

  • provided evidence of breach of copyright;
  • asked that the ISP take action to do something about that breach;
  • offered to pay the ISP's costs of investigating the complaint;
  • offered to indemnify the ISP for loss arising from a false allegation.

Look out for possible government over-regulation and make sure you read the terms and conditions of service from your ISP.

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