Intellectual Property Explorer

Check out this great new toy for your business –

Want to know how to identify your intellectual property? – copyright, trademarks, patents etc

Want to know what to do to protect it?

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), with the governments of Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, have got together and created this great new tool for you to use in your business. Check out the Intellectual Property Explorer –

What does it do? Firstly, you have to create an account. This is not the same as registering your intellectual property rights with any agency. All this does is create an online filing cabinet for you to put your IP information. Don't rely on any agency knowing about it.

Once you have created an account you have to option of creating inventory lists for different businesses or different business units within your business.

You then have the option of identifying different types of intellectual property, with helpful explanations as to what might fit in that category. It could be:

  • copyright
  • trademark
  • patent
  • design

When you identify a type of IP, you then get to list the different things that fit within that category, with as much or as little details as you feel is appropriate.

Once you have identified IP, you are guided through a series of questions to identify whether or not your own that IP.

That is as far as I have got …



  • easy to use – YES
  • provies links to further information in the Asia Pacific region
  • covers the basics
  • don't need legal training


  • bit slow to download
  • if you don't like form filing, you'll hate it
  • it is just a record, no link to official registers

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