Legal Seminar Beyond Success

Hi there readers,

I just gave my first live  presentation today to a group of about 35 coaches all training for coaching certification with Beyond Success.  

I provided an overview of business legal structures, briefly covering sole traders, partnerships, trusts and companies, and a discussion around business names. We then went on to get an overview of intellectual property – trademarks, copyright, patents and designs.

Then finished with obligations to clients include fair trading/consumer affairs implied warranties, duty of care, privacy, confidentiality and record keeping.

It seemed to be well received and 25 people have given me written feedback about the top three legal concerns they have in running or setting up their coaching businesses, and I'm excited to be finding out what it is people really want to know.

Thank you to Paul and Mary Blackburn for giving me the opportunity to speak today, Jules for your support, and all the people who chose to attend the session that I presented. I appreciate the opportunity to add value!


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