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Did you know that whether or not you have a Privacy Policy on your website can have an effect on your Google ranking? So I've heard anyway. Mike Rhodes, you're friendly neighbourhood AdWords expert over at told me so!

And as you probably know, what Google likes to see changes that benefit the market. Often.

From 17 May 2011 Google added 3 new requirements to its 'wish list' of things you should include in your privacy policy if you are using AdWords to advertise your website. Failure to impliment these policies could mean your ad campaigns get suspended!

If you don't use AdWords, then strictly speaking, this doesn't apply to you.


Paying attention to the wants and requirements of the biggest search engine in the World is not a bad thing!

So, what is Google looking for?

  1. Clear, accessible disclosure before visitors submit personal information (something I have always advised my client)
  2. Option to discontinue direct communications (making it clear that people know how to get off your mailing list as soon as they get on it if they want to – will be interesting for coupon sites!)
  3. Secure connections when collecting payment and certain financial and personal information


One of the biggest changes I take from this is that all those websites out there that open with an form to capture your name and email will now need to be careful about including a link to their Privacy Policies, and an easy opt-out. I don't know about you, but I usually want to have a look at a website before I decided to hand over my details and any site that wants me to put in my details first, I just click off. Soon they might even fall down the Google ranking…

Here's a link to Google's update – 

If you want me to review and update your privacy policy, email me now –

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