Dealing with Lawyers

I've just written another article for the Australian Psychological Society's InPsych magazine. This one was about helping psychologists to respond to queries and demands from lawyers and it really got me thinking. Especially after being one of the "Change Makers" on the panel at the Fast Forward Business event in Melbourne last Sunday. 

When I started studying law I had this idealist expectation that being a lawyer would enable me to help people. Unfortunately, I have since found out that a lot of people consider lawyers a "necessary evil" rather than "help".

How did we get to that? And where did it start?

Even Shakespeare has some unkind things to say about lawyers.

What is your impression of lawyers as a profession, any you've met in particular (no names please)? 

Where do you think that impression came from, if not about an individual?

If you didn't have any pre-concieved ideas about lawyers, what would your expectation be?

As a profession I do think our attitudes and service delivery are about 100 years behind the rest of the business world, and it does concern me that any time you get most lawyers involved in "dispute resolution" it actually makes the dispute worse.

What do you think? 

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